4 Teams Officially Got Rid Of From The Lots & Frankettes Return || (The Lots: Week 14 Sneak Peek & Rankings)

Transfer week mores than, and also with it, congratulations to the Alcohol Ponies, Sexual Activity, Misfits, and also Overload Butt for making it through. Regretfully, the period finishes for Bois Boys Boyz, the Conmen, the Icemen, and also All individuals Rides. The period strikes on as currently we have 3 development teams using up 3 standard teams as teams try to move up the positions, and also players construct returns to for the ultimate All-Star sporting activity. Our contributor Scoops L’Aguirre has the failure…


  • TEAMS ELIMINATED: Kids Boiz Boyz, The Icemen, The ConMen, and also All individuals Trip$
  • The Prime 10 remains the similar.
  • Transfer week was a true blessing in camouflage for The Alcohol Ponies. After obtaining their very first win, they skyrocket #17 to #11, having actually enhanced their laptop computer metrics whereas staying among the enjoyable teams.  
  • The the same goes with Sexual activity; they obtain their very first win and also move to #16. 
  • Swamp Butt goes from #22 to #18, which must actually feel a little bit rude as they’re 2-1-0. After that one more time, each their victories remain in resistance to teams that not exist.  
  • The Misfits dropped one ranking to #19 also after their win, which is a little bit spectacular as they set up 14 elements.  
  • Change and also Macrodosing took enormous hits, going down to #18 and also #20; they might have been greater off participating in within the transfer week against beatable teams. At the least every will certainly obtain the possibility to play today.  
  • Chicago, The Family, Big Screamin’ Honkers, and also urMom all moved down a ranking as an outcome of Alcohol Ponies’ big jump.

Currently onto the Week 14 sneak peek…


(7) Uptown Rounds
– 3-2-0 Documents
– 12.80 Aspects Per Leisure
– 2.20 Swipes Per Leisure
– 80% Location of passion Success Cost
— Glenny: 5.97 PPG
— Tommy: 4.89 PPG
— Smitty: 4.87 PPG

Uptown Balls Course Conveniences: Motion picture celebrity Mashup, MLB, Movies

(13) The Family
– 1-1-1 Documents
– 10.00 Aspects Per Leisure
– 2.33 Swipes Per Leisure
– 50% Location of passion Success Cost
— Reags: 5.89 PPG
— Rico: 4.22 PPG
— John Wealthy: 3.11 PPG

The Family Course Advantage: College Basketball, NBA

The Family is a broken home. Feits abandoned them, therefore they attempted to choose up the products by authorizing Rico Bosco. I’m not particular if that’s the best finalizing, as Rico’s specialized (College Basketball) is something Reags has actually secured down. This labor force currently has problem with decisiveness and also interaction, and also Rico Bosco’s waffling on concerns is why the one-of-a-kind Personnel Ziti battled.  

For The Family to win, they must play entirely, therefore they desire Rich Rounds to supply out their previous disorderly selves. Do not rely on that to happen as an outcome of Uptown Rounds have actually been participating in great facts for the last 9 months.  


(2) Frank and also The Frankettes
– 4-1-0 Documents
– 13.80 Aspects Per Leisure
– 2.80 Swipes Per Leisure
– 80% Location of passion Success Cost
— Nick: 6.60 PPG
— KB: 6.00 PPG
— Frank: 4.00 PPG

Frankettes Course Conveniences: Location, MLB, Television 

(20) Macrodosing
– 1-1-0 Documents
– 10.00 Aspects Per Leisure
– 2.50 Swipes Per Leisure
– 50% Location of passion Success Cost
— Mad Dog: 5.00 PPG
— Big T: 4.33 PPG
— Arian: 3.00 PPG

Macrodosing Course Advantages: Motion picture celebrity Mashup, College Football, Chain Consuming locations

The last time we observed Macrodosing play, they took out an OT gain the Alcohol Ponies. They have actually been solid in each their provings this period nevertheless deal with high rivals against The Frankettes. To win, they’ll desire good luck on their aspect: win the Perk Spherical, struck their Location of passion, wish the Frankettes miss their Location of passion after which move College Football (Big T) or Mashups (Mad Dog). Also after that, the Frankettes are a high-scoring maker that typically uncover approaches to win. If Macrodosing can manage the distress, they’ll skyrocket by means of the positions to the area they’ll strongly be within the suit topic.  

For the Frankettes, this is a possibility for Nick and also KB to obtain elements for possible All-Star/MVP proposals. 


(4) The Experts
– 4-2-0 Documents
– 13.50 Aspects Per Leisure
– 1.83 Swipes Per Leisure
– 100% Location of passion Success Cost
— Fran: 6.00 PPG
— PFT: 5.90 PPG
— Brandon: 5.60 PPG

Specialists Course Conveniences: Motion picture celebrity Mashup, NFL, College Football

– 1-1-0 Documents
– 10.00 Aspects Per Leisure
– 2.00 Swipes Per Leisure
– 50% Location of passion Success Cost
— Chris: 7.33 PPG
— Klemmer: 2.83 PPG
— Alex: 0.83 PPG

Change Course Advantages: MLB, Films, Songs

Change is once more for the key time given that their very early November gain EBR. The last time Chris Castellani executed against The Experts was throughout his launching, the area he torched them so severely Brandon required to take a variety of weeks off from participating in to improve psychologically. 

The Experts are can be found in crackling currently, as they have actually obtained their last 2 computer game by a typical of 10 elements. The Experts are the one labor force with 3 players placed within the Prime 20; in the meanwhile, Change has Chris within the Prime 5, nevertheless Klemmer and also Alex Bennett today ranking within the Behind 10. 

For Change to win, they must move their specializeds (MLB, Movies, etc.) and also hope that Fran misses out on a Mashup for the key time in months. If Change sheds this sporting activity and also Klemmer/Bennett don’t install elements, after that Change might need to visibly check into the freelance market in case they desire to make a promote the suit.


  • Trent victories his Offensive Individual of the Week as he captured fireplace on the coating of Sexual activity’s sporting activity against the Icemen to pull off an impressive resurgence.  
  • Ebo wins each Defensive Individual of the Week and also Novice of the Week after a leading 10.67-point performance that consisted of swiping his challenger’s very first 3 concerns. The Conmen have actually been psychologically from the skyrocket because of Ebo.  

Gain from the suits today! Acquisition some merch…

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