10 Concerns WWE Fans Need to Find Out About Royal Rumble 2000

The 2000 Royal Rumble was the key Royal Rumble to take place within the brand-new centuries. WWE’s lineup was piled nevertheless Steve Austin as well as The Undertaker had actually been nevertheless on the rack, therefore they made their in-ring returns specifically within the autumn as well as springtime. Additionally, the 2000 Royal Rumble was loaded as there have actually been 3 champion suits on the cardboard, an unforgettable launching, as well as the Royal Rumble suit headlined today.

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This was the authorities start of the road to WrestleMania 16, as well as wrestlers had actually been attempting to make a news by scrambling for settings for WrestleMania period. The 2000 model of the Royal Rumble was excellent, as well as there have actually been a variety of information on today that some participants of the WWE World have actually ignored.


10 Tazz Makes His WWE Launching

Angle v Tazz Royal Rumble 2000

Kurt Angle flaunted a two-month unbeaten run, as well as he was attempting to continue his rewarding run of suits without any loss on the Rumble. The Olympic Gold Champion had a thriller challenger, as well as it was none other than Tazz.

Tazz was contending in entryway of his home town fans in New york city as well as he got a huge ovation. This was probably the greatest 2nd of Tazz’s WWE career. Tazz controlled procedures, as well as he nicked Angle’s unbeaten documents, by putting him away with the Tazzmission.

9 The Hardys Got The Debut Tag Labor Force Tables Suit

Hardy Boyz v Dudley Boyz Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped-1

The Hardy Boyz as well as The Dudley Boyz made historic past as the key 2 teams to complete within the first-ever tag personnel tables match. To be triumphant, you required to place each participants of the particular teams through tables. As expected, the Hardys as well as the Dudleys knocked it out of the park in a busy suit.

The Hardys placed Bubba Ray through the workdesk on the skin with Matt performing a leg decrease while Jeff executed a sprinkle. A variety of sickening chair photos to the peak had actually been given out throughout the suit, nevertheless within the closing degrees, Jeff relevant with a Swanton Bomb off the porch on D-Von to secure the triumph.

8 Mae Younger Got The Miss Rumble 2000 Bikini Competition

Mark Henry & Mae Young Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped-1

Far from the in-ring movement, there was the Miss Rumble 2000 Bikini competition. The courts had actually been included Sgt. Massacre, Tony Garea, Johnny Valiant, Freddie Blassie, The Fabulous Moolah, as well as Andy Richter.

The participant included Cream color, Terri, Jacqueline, Barbara Shrub, Luna Vachon, as well as the WWE Ladies’s Champ The Kat. While, the courts had actually been pondering to select their champion, Mae Younger showed up as well as participated. She slipped off, as well as she or he was the champion in addition to her associate Mark Henry boiling down the aisle to cowl her up.

7 Chris Jericho Develops Into The Undisputed Intercontinental Champ

Chyna v Chris Jericho v Hardcore Holly Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped-1

Chris Jericho as well as Chyna had actually been co-Intercontinental Champions nevertheless there was a three-way hazard suit along with Hardcore Holly, the location the champion can be covered due to the fact that the Undisputed Intercontinental Champ. Their three-way hazard suit was absolutely nothing specific, nevertheless it was a watchable competition.

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Jericho cinched within the Partitions of Jericho on Holly nevertheless the Ninth Wonder of the Globe damaged it up. Chyna implemented the Pedigree on Holly, as well as Jericho implemented a crossbody on Chyna. Ultimately, Jericho obtained single belongings of the Intercontinental Champion after he associated with a Lionsault on Chyna.

6 The Initial Royal Rumble To Be Had In Madison Sq. Yard

Edge Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped

There’s something specific when fans as well as wrestlers get in the solemn halls of Madison Sq. Yard. The 2000 variation of the Royal Rumble was the supreme of WWE’s traditional “Big 4” events to be presented in MSG. WWE has an affluent historic past in MSG which is seen due to the fact that the capital, as well as it was a no brainer for the Rumble to be kept in MSG. The similarity Side, Chris Jericho, as well as Chyna among others had actually been worried within the 2000 Royal Rumble suit.

The key WrestleMania as well as WrestleMania 10 had actually been kept in MSG. A triad of SummerSlams as well as the 1996 Survivor Series had actually been held inside Madison Sq. Yard. This would certainly not be the supreme Royal Rumble to be kept in MSG due to the fact that the 2008 Royal Rumble was in addition held there.

5 Three-way H Maintains The WWE Champion In A Terrible Method Battle

Triple H v Cactus Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped

Three-way H protected the WWE Champion in the direction of Cactus Jack in a Avenue Battle. Absolutely, this was the suit of the evening time, therefore they took today in a terrible Method Battle with the Sporting activity showing the globe why he was the greatest heel within the company.

Their suit is a prompt standard as well as it is nevertheless discussed incredibly to currently. Three-way H conquered a variety of misfortune as he had an item of wood engraved right into his leg. The Rock purchased worried in procedures by assaulting Three-way H, as well as tacks had actually been laid within the ring. It took a couple of Pedigrees for Three-way H to obtain the task completed, as well as the 2nd Pedigree was directly on the tacks with the Cerebral Killer keeping the WWE Champion over Cactus Jack, that had a rejection to continue to be down.

4 Also Trendy Danced

Too Cool Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped

The triad of Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty, as well as Grandmaster Sexay was just one of the critical prevalent triads within the Angle Duration. Rikishi had a continuous getaway within the Royal Rumble suit, nevertheless it was time to position the extreme seems like away for one groundbreaking 2nd.

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Rikishi got on a rampage, nevertheless he for a little while stopped his supremacy by dance within the ring with Scotty 2 Hotty as well as Grandmaster Sexay. This was a improbable 2nd, nevertheless play mored than as Rikishi gotten rid of each men after they danced. Earlier than the new participant made their methods towards the ring, Rikishi remained to bop on his lonely.

3 The Initial Royal Rumble Suit In 11 Years To Feature No-One Looking At The 30-Minute Obstacle

Royal Rumble Match 2000 Cropped

Royal Rumble suits are identified for durability, as well as there goes to perpetuity at the least one rival that has an unforgettable run lasting a long time. Nonetheless, for the key time due to the fact that the 1989 Royal Rumble, no rival fractured the 30-minute obstacle.

The WWE Hardcore Champ Examine was the tenth participant, as well as he was the iron guy of the Royal Rumble suit. He lasted 26 mins earlier than his pursuit of headlining WrestleMania 16 was stopped by the ultimate runner-up Big Existing.

2 X-Pac Was Eradicated Two Times

X-Pac 2000

D-Era X’s X-Pac had the glamorous of developing into the thirtieth participant within the 2000 Royal Rumble suit. Hanging throughout the WWE Champ Three-way H had its benefits, nevertheless it had not been a specific effectiveness from X-Pac that really did not maximize his place as the supreme participant within the Royal Rumble suit.

He took care of to eliminate his competing Kane, as well as X-Pac was gotten rid of by The Rock nevertheless the umpire stopped working to determine it as they had actually been fixated a quarrel on the skin. X-Pac’s good luck went out as he was distant from the Rumble momentarily time by Big Existing.

1 The Rock Gained The Royal Rumble Suit

The Rock and Big Show Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped

Business grabbed when The Rock got in the Royal Rumble suit due to the fact that the twenty 4th participant. The previous WWE Champ was trying to find a place in the concept celebration of WrestleMania 16 to trouble for the WWE Champion.

There had not been a great deal celebrity power on this Rumble, as well as it was Rock’s grumble to shed. He exclusively desired quarter-hour to eliminate Manager Male, Accident Holly, Al Snow, as well as Big Existing to become among lots of youngest Royal Rumble suit victors on the age of 27.

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